Books & Magazines

A well designed, printed and finished magazine, report, manual or book is bound to be greatly appreciated by your audience. Whatever your need is, we will supply it to you in high quality and at record time.

Publications design

At Print Lion, we have a track record of making quality unique layouts and designs for your publications at affordable rates. To book an appointment with our designers, please fill in this form. 

We are able to turn your magazines, brochures and books into epublications.

Publications printing

Good design is brought out even better by great printing quality. Our mission is to supply you with high end prints. Be it a one color or full color job, low volume or bulk order, we treat it with utmost care and urgency. Ours is a reputation of efficiency and reliability.

Publications binding options

Depending on the size of a publication and the desired look, we have a variety of binding options namely.

  • Perfect Binding: This involves glueing the spine to create a flat edge. It gives a professional finish and is great for large books.
  • Wire Binding commonly known as wire O wire: On this, we punch holes in the spine then thread the wires through. It is stylish and can be used for large or small publications.
  • Saddle Stitching: This involves stapling at the spine then folding in half to create a book. It is the easiest method but can only be used for small publications of about 50 pages

Publications finishing options

To add value to book or annual report, you can choose to use additional finishing touches. These include:

  • UV varnishing
  • Matte or gloss laminating 
  • Foiling die cutting

What kind of publications have you made in the past?

Some of the publications we have made include:
Business magazines,
Media and advertising magazines 
School magazines 
Fashion magazines. 
Company profiles
Training manuals, 
Policy manuals, 
Procedure’s manuals, 
Organizational manuals, 
Employee onboarding manual.
Annual reports

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