Branded Wheel Covers

Wheel covers are a great way to advertise your business wherever you go. They turn your vehicle into a moving advert. Compared with other means of advertising like billboards, they are cheaper and equally effective. Another advantage is that they add a touch of elegance and protect your spare wheel from dirt.

Wheel covers design

Our graphic design process starts with measuring the diameter of your wheel. This allows us to create wheel covers that fit your specific wheel. We then advise you on the content to include in the wheel cover. This depends on your message and content, it  can be a logo, text or an image. 

Wheel cover printing

We print on quality PVC flexi banners that are durable and weather resistant. This ensures that your wheel covers stay vibrant and attractive for a long time without tearing and fading.

An elastic band on the wheel cover allows you to easily install and remove it  with ease. 

Our price ranges from as low as Ksh 2500/=. This depends on your wheel size and quantity ordered.

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