Roll-up banners

Roll-up banners are also known as retractable banners. They create brand exposure at points of sale. You can use them at tradeshows, exhibitions, business seminars or at office entrances.

Roll up banners design

Depending on your needs, our designers are at your service to ensure that your message gets communicated effectively. They advise you on the best content to include and also come up with original designs. 

Roll up banners printing

Print Lion prints roll-up banners on quality premium satin material at high resolution. This gives our final product a full-colour print with an elegant matt finish.  The stands have a back support rod, are easy to pack and ship and have an excellent  recoil mechanism

To save your cost, we re-use your previously owned roll-up frame.

Rollup banners types

  1. Broad base roll up banners 

Their wide base allows them to withstand windy conditions in the outdoors. Their elegant bases also give a refined.

  1. Narrow /Normal base roll up banners;

These are cheaper and best for indoor use.

  1. Double sided roll up banners; 

On these, your adverts are visible from both sides.

What other Point of Sale products do you have?

Yes, we have products like X banners, Door frame banners and Teardrop banners.

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