Web Design

A good first impression from a well-designed website inspires trust and credibility. It creates a chance to showcase your brand, get new leads and increase customer base.

At Print Lion, our team of web designers are ready to tailor your website to your specific needs. The team is flexible on execution and reliable on deadlines. Ours is about serving our clients with quality and efficiency at competitive prices.

The services we offer include.

1. User Interface design (UI design) and User Experience design (UX Design)

This is an essential stage. It is where we do the design layout of how a website will look, how it will function and how navigation will be. It is at this stage that we meet all your brand values and guidelines. This is essential to ensure consistency across all platforms.

2. Domain name registration

We help you register your domain name. Domain name is the web address your website will have. For example: BusinessName.com, BusinessName.net, BusinessName.co.ke, BusinessName.org, Etcetera.

3. Website & Email Hosting

This is the storing place for your website and emails. They are computers called servers. To cut the cost of hosting a website, you only pay for the space you are using in them lather than buying a whole computer.

4. Web design and development.

Here we do the website’s coding and also input your information. This includes a description of you, your services and contacts to name a few. It is the stage of making an actual website. There are different types of websites that include:


Business/Corporate Websites

NGO /Non-Profit Websites

E-Commerce Websites

Educational Websites

Entertainment Website

Portfolio Website


Web Portals

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here, we improve your website to increase its visibility on search

engines results. This improves the chances of people visiting your website as a solution provider.

6. Website Maintenance

Websites need maintenance regularly. During maintenance, you improve on-site security, content, and SEO.

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