Window Branding

Window branding is a great way for advertising. It is a chance to grab attention at a glance.

It could be through a decorative pattern, an advert of your product, or a print of your brand logo. All these elements helps create brand recognition. When done right window branding can create trust in a brand. In internal windows, it can help shape the culture of an organization in the desired way. It can also be a source of inspiration to employees and a tool to make them understand your vision and mission. Window branding is an investment that should impact your business in a positive way.

At Print Lion, our designers will design compelling artworks to reflect your brand. We then guide you on the best material to use for your windows. The available materials are:

One-way vision


Frosted sticker

Printed Vinyl Stickers.

Plotter cut vinyl stickers

Window branding prices

Print lion has the best rates for window branding. We charge per meter square of area branded and according to material selected.

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