Refund and Returns Policy

If the carrier was unable to deliver your order and it was returned to our office, please Contact us and we’ll reship your order.

Print Lion's return policy?

We offer a standard 7-day return policy for eligible print items in case you want to request a reprint.

Send your item(s) to:

2nd Floor, Avenue House,
Kenyatta Avenue,
Nariobi, Kenya.

Prin Lion's Refund Policy

We offer a 5-working-days refund policy for items/orders that do not match the sample approved by the customer. If no sample was approved by the customer, then Pri.

We will not make a refund if the customer did not approve a pysical sample of items/orders. However, Print Lion may decide to reprint or reproduce work on per-case basis.

Need help?

Contact us at +254 729 276 296 for questions related to refunds and returns.

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