Business cards printing options in Kenya

Are you looking for business card printing options for your new set of cards? You are in the right place.

This post will discuss the various business card printing options available in Kenya. From the most basic to the most executive and classy options.

A business card is a wise investment because it tells your customers what you do and how to get in touch with you. It also makes it easy for you to share details with your customers. Whether you are in a networking event, at a meeting, or on a bus.

1. Regular business cards

These are the most basic business cards you can make. They are affordable and they get the job done.

If you are on a budget or starting a new business this is a good place to start.

Regular Busines Cards - No lamination

Prices for regular business cards are Kshs 7

2. Laminated Business cards

A high-quality premium business card is an excellent first impression to potential clients. Presenting a premium business card signals your confidence and commitment to your business. It also sets you apart from Jua Kali competitors.

Matte Laminated

matt lamination business cards

Glossy Laminated

Gloss lamination business cards

Laminated business cards prices

Kshs 10/=

3. Special Effects Business cards

Leather Effect

Leather lamination business cards

🛡️Add class with a cow-leather visual effect. Best for designs with dark solid backgrounds

Sparkle Effect

glitter lamination business cards

✨ Sparkling look—ideal for businesses such as salons, jewelry stores, perfume shops, etc.

3D Lens Effect

3d Lens lamination business cards

🛡️Grab attention with an attractive visual effect. Best for designs with dark solid backgrounds

Holographic Effect

Holographic lamination business cards

🛡️A classy dazzling effect for your business cards.


Linen lamination business cards

🛡️Gives your cards a unique texture. Ideal for artistic products like fashion and art.

Soft-touch Lamination

Soft-touch lamination business cards

🛡️Smooth matt protective film against moisture and smudges

Special effects business card prices

Ksh 18 per card

4. Spot UV business cards

Spot UV cards have glossy highlights. This makes them command attention from anyone who sees them. We can highlight your logo, a photo or even your name. We can also use spot UV to add texture effects to your cards.

Spot Uv business cards

✨ Glossy highlights that add class to your business cards.
✌️ Printed on both sides
👌 Neat finish
⚡ Ready in 4 days

Spot Uv business card prices

50 cardsKsh 2,400
100 cardsKsh 3,400
200 cardsKsh 6,000
500 cardsKsh 14,000
1000 + cardsKshs 27per card

5. Foil-embossed business cards.

Gold and silver embossed cards have shimmering metallic highlights. This grabs the attention of your clients and makes them great conversation starters. These cards are also matte laminated to add a premium feel.

Gold foil embossed

Gold foil-stamping cards

Silver foil embossed

Silver foil-stamping cards

✨ Shimmering metallic highlights that grab the attention of your clients
✌️ Printed on both sides
👌 Neat finish
⚡ Ready in 4 days

Foil-embossed business cards

50 cardsKsh 4,700
100 cardsKsh 5,400
200 cardsKsh 7,000
500 cardsKsh 11,500
1000 + cardsKshs 19 per card

Pro Business Card Design

Business Card Design

Do you need a fresh new business card design? Not to worry because we are here to help.

Our graphic design team is available to make a card design unique to your needs. We charge Kshs 1,000 to create a custom business card design.

At print lion we specialise in printing of cards and books. 

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  1. I need professional business cards, I can share my current one and my idea of the new one. Get in touch with me via phone call please.

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